Mother Chrysomyga 2019 by Demi Kaia

A flying creature that forms a binary relationship with its shadow, referring to the embodied fluidity of the androgynous, while it gives birth to materialised human body parts as an attempt of reconstructing it. 
– George Kalivis

Performance “Mother Chrysomya” is referring to the fluidity of human body, while it gives birth to materialised human parts as an attempt of reconstructing it.

What is femininity, what is feminine and what is female? What is masculinity, what is masculine and what is male?In a society where everything changes and flows with hectic pace, the questions concerning the perception of the concept of the human body seem more current than ever.
What “must”, “mustn’t”, “if it must” for the human body?What is the power of visual media surfaces in the creation of the gendered feeling in (post)modern societies and how do the existing standards transform, if they do so? How is “obvious”, “natural”, “normal” constructed when talking about the human body?
Finally, could the western way of thinking escape from its bipolar bases in the sense of male/female, good/evil, beautiful/ugly, white/black and so on, and if so, where would that lead?
Disengagement from such stereotypes in the new social circumstances, although sometimes appears feasible, is usually hindered systematically by serving various interests. The commonly accepted perceptions and standards for human bodies have generated a series of discussions, ideas, talks and debates about the naturalness, genre and uniqueness of their existence.